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Innovation. But what for?

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Which purpose is carried by innovation? That’s the question explored by Jean-Guillaume Péladan, in the column he signs in the report “From Tech to Deep Tech”, co-published by the Hello Tomorrow initiative and the consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group.

Spotlight on… Hopscotch

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In an industry known for being particularly competitive, communications group Hopscotch boasts attractive growth potential. The reason for this positive outlook is that the agency has undergone extensive reorganisation: its cost base is now healthier; and particular attention and care are given to...

Spotlight on… ASML

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Who is behind the chips that operate our smartphones? Not only does ASML rank among the leaders in the semi-conductor market, it also stands out as a responsible company. The group enjoys a solid governance structure but it also develops many initiatives for the well-being of its staff, while...

Tax shift, reaching a circular economy through the tax-system

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If we are fully aware today of negative externalities related to business activities, there is an emergency arising for public authorities to act. A hands-on solution at their disposal: leveraging taxation to redirect it towards the use of natural resources, to optimize their exploitation, rather...

Responsible Way Special Edition : the purpose-driven company

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On the occasion of our annual conference, discover our special edition of the Responsible Way dedicated to purpose-driven companies. Through the example of tangible solutions leading towards a greater « circular economy », several interviews of committed entrepreneurs, such as Jean-Luc...

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Delivering sustainable performance with partnership governance

Governance covers many different aspects. Considering it paramount, Sycomore AM has devoted this edition of the Responsible Way to the topic. Find out more with the column by Stanislas de Bailliencourt and his perspective from a bond holder’s standpoint. Also, innovation mushrooms in the field....Leer